Anyone ever tell you that you look like a shoeless hobbit? – Review – GUEST BLOG POST

OUR GUEST BLOGGER: Ijaaz is a Senior at Muhammad University Homeschool

The Mistborn Trilogy is a glorious book series detailing the mystical realms of space, time, and the nature of whether or not going shoeless is worth it. Apparently, shoeless is the way to go since shoes are rarely mentioned in the entire, three book (over 1000+ page) series. Shame, what a rip off of Lord of the Rings with the shoeless Hobbits, their dirty toes and calloused feet. (I’m joking.) But seriously, no shoes in the entire empire? It was only mentioned, if memory serves, five times.  Shoeless protagonists aside, this was an amazing book, much more epic than I expected it to be. I was thinking that it was going to be a rather enjoyable, curiously exhilarating ride that I would soon forget about soon afterward.

Yes…that’s not at ALL what happened. What happened was that the book took me by the hand and threw me into a misty world where ash falls from the sky like snow, the sky itself is blood red, and the world around me is a desolate, dark and destroyed expanse reminiscent of the fabled nuclear apocalypse. Had I gone further, I would have been enslaved and put to work under some nobleman to grow some vegetables on some plantation. At least, until Kelsier came. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

My only problem was the pacing. It was slightly (very, very slightly) slow paced, which marred the otherwise perfect pace of the book, but it was negligible and did not at all detract from the story. Speaking of, the story is that the Lord Ruler is the Big Baddie/Lord Voldemort of this universe, and the Chosen One, Vin/Kelsier, must destroy said Baddie for the skaa’s – their people’s – sake. In a way, it’s the biblical story of Moses and Aaron retold, with a dash of the David/Goliath feeling. This, I suppose, could be a source of inspiration of the story, but it is so original that I just think it just popped into his mind a la J.K. Rowling.

I can not say anything regarding the ending other than that it is extremely profound and inspirational. I often wondered why hadn’t I checked this book out sooner.So the next time you go out and look up at the sky, wishing for something interesting to happen, imagine it’s a blood red sky, where snow-like ash falls and thick white mist shrouds the night sky. You just might find that adventure you’ve always been searching for in Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy.

Anime Day – A success! – Take that, snow :-)

Thank you everyone who made it through the snow storm and opted for the Prosser Library instead of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I had a blast with all of you and I hope you enjoyed reuniting with or meeting new friends. We had some teens come from other towns! The bagels were great, thank you Isaacs Bagels Cafe and of course the pizza was amazing, as always, Village Pizza!

Gratuitous Pizza Consumption

A lot of the boys were surprised at how much they liked the Sailor Moon R movie! William and I were discussing that it would be more universal without the transformations. If you’re not familiar with Sailor Moon, each planet in the Milky Way System has a solider. They are called Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, etc. for the planet that she protects, she also has her own unique transformation from their human outfit to equip themselves into their sailor soldier uniform. I totally agree that this would definitely widen the appeal, however, it wouldn’t be Sailor Moon without it.

I had to go in and out of the room quite often to clean, do reference and what not… Every time I came back during Rurouni Kenshin the teens would say, “Some just got assassinated Ms. Christina!!” It was a total crack up because the movie mostly consisted of farming and people eating sushi (which made the movie a tough sell to the kids).

But on the handful of times I stepped out of the room I returned to a serene outdoor setting and then a description from the teens of the latest death at the hands of reformed assassin, Kenshin. It became a running joke. The last 20 minutes redeemed the movie for the teens and I got my street cred back.Anime Day Teens

I think we could pull this off again. What you guys think? Shall we make this an annual thing?

VIZ Recommendations by Mark deVera

 Interview with Amy Yu, Manga Editor and Mark deVera, Publishing Sales Associate  of VIZ Media

Anime Day – Giveaways – Tribute – Prosser Library – 3/21/15

Prosser Library is throwing its first Anime Day THIS SATURDAY.  Giveaways will include Naruto and One Piece bags for the first 20 teens to arrive and for the rest, exclusives from New York ComiCon. We have two Viz Media representatives skyping in from California to talk to the teens about new up-and-coming titles, how Viz recruits its artists, and which titles are chosen for publication.
Anime Day will also include bagels for breakfast and pizza for lunch while we play countdowns of the top anime movies, top anime battles, and a tribute to the just passed, Yoshihiro Tatsumi. In between these activities, we will be showing the anime classics Sailor Moon RRurouni Kenshin, and Princess Mononoke.
Anime Day – Saturday, March 21 – 10 AM – 5 PM
10-10:15 am Breakfast (Top 10 Anime Films and Top 10 Anime Battles)
10:15 -11:15 am Sailor Moon R
11:15-12 Guest Speaker (s) 45 min
12-12:15 pm Lunch (Tribute to the late Yoshihiro Tatsumi)
12:15 – 2:15 pm Rurouni Kenshin
2:15 -3 pm Guest Speaker (s) 45 min
3 – 5 pm Princess Mononoke
Below are the bios for our guest speakers:
Amy Yu has been an editor for Viz Media for over eight years. She has edited various manga titles through the years, from the VizBig format of Dragon Ball to the current bestselling graphic novel series Nisekoi. Some of her beloved series include shojo titles like Dengeki DaisyOtomen, and High School Debut. She is currently working on My Love Story!!, Master Keaton, and Maid-sama! among other fan favorites.
Mark de Vera is a Publishing Sales Associate at VIZ Media. While that title may sound like pretty stale and corporate-y, in reality it is a very fun job filled with much excitement, satisfaction and, most importantly, manga! As a manga salesman, Mark spends his time getting manga into bookstores, promoting manga titles through a variety of marketing efforts and representing VIZ Media at conventions. Of manga series he likes, Mark is fond of many Shonen Jump series, horror manga and the classics from the greats such as Osamu Tezuka. His favorite manga series include Maison Ikkoku by Rumiko Takahashi, the creator of Inu Yasha and Ranma 1/2, and Hikaru no Go drawn by Takeshi Obata, the artist of Death Note. Of the many things that Mark loves about his job, one that is at the top of his list is talking to the fans directly.

Oreos = Drugs?!

I’ve never done cocaine, which according to this article is a big deal because I have quite the Oreo problem. Connecticut College released a study in 2013 almost no one heard of, probably an attempted cover up by BIG OREO, that lab rats needed their next fix of OREO as much as their need to feed their cocaine and morphine habit. Are you having any ethical bad feelings that there are these sad, aching drug-addicted rats? I’ve heard on NPR that junk food companies have found the perfect combination of sugar, fat and salt that makes the brain go wild with addiction. It is important to note that the rats were isolated and given no stimuli but the Oreos and drugs, so… I mean. Who are we to judge? Truly, the most important pieces of information to take from this is that drugs and Oreos stimulate the same part of the brain, and lab rats go through a life of hell for the sake of seemingly anecdotal scientific publishing.

I remember when I went to England in ’05 with my friend from grad school. We went to newly opened Liverpool ONE and made our way into a milkshake shop. In the list of flavors the sign said, OREOS SOLD OUT. I said, “Awww, man! No oreo flavor let’s go.” Everyone in the store literally stopped what their doing and said, “You’re American! We just got OREOs here a few days ago. We love them. OREOs are from America. Do you love OREOs?” When I told them that yes, every American loves OREOs and my favorite was the winter OREO the milkshake line scattered and surrounded me. “What do you mean? There is more than just one kind?” My friend and I described seasonal OREOs, inverted OREOs, double stuff and so on to a crowd of people OOOOing and AWWing. Some declared the next time they were in America they were going to get the special kinds we were talking about. It became like a bucket list goal.

Anyhow, you might wonder why OREOs weren’t in that part of the world. It was because there were very tough restrictions on food during Tony Blair’s time. Grape jelly did not exist in the UK and one trip it took me weeks to find a peanut butter cup. When his time was over it was like Burger King, Pizza Hut, Doritos and all of the junk food kings pounced all at once in 2005. OREOs came out on top for sure. I do miss how we used to be so different than the countries around us but now, I’ve been travelling abroad since 2003, every country I go to is the same. In celebration, of the OREO and in morning of globalization I have OREO gifs below.


Future Books Now – Top 5 – Guest Blog Post

OUR GUEST BLOGGER: Christina is in 10th Grade at Cornerstone.

Every year I pick a book theme and this year the theme is teen books that take place in the future. I’m on my fifth book and I’m already seeing patterns. So here is a list of the top 5 things you will find in recent Teen books based in the future:

  1. Characters have weird names. I understand that in the year 3,000 there might be more unique names but many are just ridiculous. I read Earth Girl by Janet Edwards and one of the names in the book was Krath. What kind of name is that?!! I wasn’t sure if they were a girl, boy or a cheese single. I know people have the darnd-est names now, but even a century back there were Alexanders and Philips. 
  1. Earthlings have spread out across planets and galaxies. I realize these are fictional stories so they have artistic license, but I don’t understand how we can just drop our issues and start colonizing other planets. (Miss Christina: AIDS, terrorism, sociopathy on the rise, wheat intolerance…) All of a sudden there are no more wars and we are all happy clams. It doesn’t make any sense!

  1. Characters have an internal ear piece. Not too long ago everyone had a Bluetooth, but that’s died down. I feel like having an electronic device implanted in your ear would be hazardous to your health. In Insignia by S. J. Kincaid and in Across the Universe by Beth Revis, people have communicator implants. In reality, everyone would probably die of cancer.  This was in the news recently! Sleeping near your phone or tablet is harmful because of the radiation!! Imagine a 24/7 ear piece.
  1. Everyone in space is doing great. So it leaves the question, what do they do with the handicapped? Do they get rid of them or are they just so advanced that they can cure genetic disorders? Or do they heal on their own? (Miss Christina: Is it a wondrous thing that they are missing or is it super shady and totally be included in the plot?) Nothing is explained to us.

  1.  Everyone wears the same type of clothing.  In the future I would expect that we have cool clothing that automatically fits you like in Back to the Future and is really pretty, but not in these books.  In Matched they wear poop brown clothing.  In Across the Universe they basically all wear burlap sack shirts and pants.

After reading these futuristic teen books my picture of the future is that we are spread out across galaxies getting along with names based off of name brands like Playton and Disnet. We all die of brain cancer but no one knows why and then we’re buried in our burlap sacks.

Leonard Nimoy has passed away at 83 – A sad day.

My father would watch Star Trek TOS (The Original Series, us nerds like to abbreviate) almost everyday on TV. I would sit next to him at a insanely young age, I could barely talk, and I would whistle the sound of their communicators every time it sounded. My father groomed me to be a Trekkie (and a tragic Giants fan). I didn’t bond with my father through tea parties and dress up but through our evening Star Trek marathons.

Despite all of those TV shows and movies, my favorite memory of Leonard Nimoy is when the TODAY show interviewed him for the Star Trek movie revamp and Al Roker invited Ann Curry to join the interview. She runs to set and wraps her arms around him and graciously announces, Are you hugging me? Then she sits on the couch like she’s supposed to when she obviously isn’t. Then **GLORY, GLORY HALLELUJAH**, she reaches over and grips his ears with her hands! He was so polite. I bet that happened to him all the time.

ACTORS, thankfully they have the personalities that revel in that much attention. I probably would have had my ears removed to never deal with that again. Anyhow, we’ll miss you!!! You’re a huge part of my childhood and adult happiness. I giver your family and friends my condolences.


Also, Teen Book Board Member Josh, wants to commemorate Nimoy singing about Bilbo Baggins.

Teen Book Board – Guest Speaker Interview – Gossip Columnist & Film Critic

The Teen Book Board was so lucky to welcome Sarah Marrs, gossip columnist and film critic for Cinesnark and Lainey Gossip. The Board Members asked some great questions that I listed in this post. I did some editing to the interview to include visuals and the main points that Sarah was making. If you want to know more about Sarah’s insights be sure to check her future posts on her blogs.

1:40 Why can’t the siblings in Fantastic Four have both been black to not have changed any back story? Why give them an adoption back story at all when the cast can be any race or multi-ethnic?

3:54 What are your insights on how people reacted to a black Stormtrooper?

5:55 With two high profile trans characters on television, is this the beginning of more trans storylines, characters and actors?

7:55 How can a label be introduced into a movie or TV plot without tokenizing and pointing out a difference?

9:25 Why don’t you consider Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence and Divergent’s Shailene Woodley action stars alongside Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson?

10:53 Does portraying religion fall onto the shoulders of foreign films?

13:06 Why are women more sexualized in action films than men?

18:10 Why does the action genre include romance plots with women?

21:33 Is it racial preference in Hollywood or lack of interaction with non-whites? Is it exclusive or exclusionary?

24:03 What happened with Selma at the Oscars? Who nominates for the Oscars and what is their demographic?

32:46 Who are racially centered movies made for?

Thank You, Cousin Tina – Taylor Swift Edition

I read about Vogue’s BFF cover for Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss. They look exactly alike, they live together, and share clothes. I had a frenemy like this in high school. People thought we were sisters but Kay and Tay could pass for twins. Anyhow, to my amazement I saw this photo was taken at Oscar de la Renta’s show. My cousin works for him and I couldn’t help myself.


She responded with some details that blow the lid off on how cool Miss Christina is. I am officially related to someone who made skin-to-skin contact with Taylor Swift. Read the juicy details in the screen shot below:



Love you, Tina!

35 years later & 2 Weeks Overdue – SBTB

Everything that is amazing happened on Fallon. The Saved by the Bell Reunion! Yes, I know it happened like, two weeks ago. But I want to talk about it. I want to dissect it, I want to relive it every day but I’ll include y’all just for today. First of all, the set still exists. I swear to you I would get married on that set and when we kissed at the end everyone would yell, “Ooooooooooooo!” Apparently, iCarly and That’s So Raven has been filmed there.

Also, why have Theissen, Berkley and Lopez not aged?! Did they sell their souls? Is it their makeup or lighting, because I want! People used to think I was at least 5 years younger but after having a baby, the age just got slapped right onto my face.

Fallon knew exactly what we wanted. He gave us A.C. Slater’s magical ballet dancing.

Lopez Slater Ballet
35 Years later ; 2015

Jessie going nuts during the substance abuse episode, where she hysterically repeated the chorus from the Pointer Sister’s.

sbtb reunion jesse excited
35 Years later ; 2015

Oh, yeah. Cell phones.

Growing up, every time someone pulled out that block of a phone I would think, They’re sooooooo rich. Anyone remember car phones? Luxe.

sbtb reunion cell phone

I don’t even think I could elaborate on the Berkley jab Gosslear gave about her future occupation. I screen shot that face she made… It’s real. It’s been 20 years and you can see it in her eyes, it’s still there and it’s never going away. I love that Gosselar has an, I’m sorry they made me do it, face.

sbtb reunion Jessie face sbtb reunion Zacks face


Job well done you guys.

sbtb reunion cast photo
35 Years Later

Pssh, Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day 2015

Every year I post anti-love songs on my Facebook for Valentine’s Day AND a picture of my pups with a rose in her mouth. People get a kick out of it. I decided to make a list of my top 5 of Anti-Love Valentine’s Day Playlist. You’re welcome. Comment and give me your top 5 anti-love songs.

Alannis Morrisette- You Oughta Know

Florence and the Machine – Kiss with a Fist

Soft Cell – Tainted Love

Kelis – Caught Out There

Fionna Apple – Limp 

You’re Not Seeing Double – Who owns the rights to Marvel characters

People will soon wonder why there are two Quick Silvers and why X-Men movies can’t quite get it together like the Avengers ensemble. Contrary to popular belief, Stan Lee owns nothing. He just makes obligatory cameos like Where’s Waldo.

Below is the Geek Twins chart of which companies own which character. It is the simplist and best depiction of the mess Marvel made giving up it’s rights back in the 90’s.


Anyone I show this chart to asks, who is Namor. When I looked him up I found this picture:

Namor the Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie)

I wouldn’t mind seeing the live action version of this guy. I also checked out the Man-Thing trailer and it looks lame. It might as well have been produced by Lifetime.

Like City of Ember but underwater – Review – GUEST BLOG POST

OUR GUEST BLOGGER: Christina is in 10th Grade at Cornerstone.

Throughout reading Atlantia by Ally Condie, I was having flashbacks because everything in this book seemed so familiar. It was a mashup of City of Ember and Sister Sister; some romance, too many murders, and a lot of secrets. Atlantia is about orphaned, twin girls named Rio and Bay, who live in an underwater area with a glass boundary called, The Below, Atlantia. One day out of every year a group of teenagers line up and get to choose whether they want to say in The Below with other survivors or go to The Above and harvest food to send back with risk of cancer from all of the pollution.

When they make their choice, the Minister, the head of “The Counsel”, flicks soil or water in their face (Miss Christina: Ha, ha. So, they get baptized with dirt.) Since there is a random rule that one family member must remain in The Below whilst one is above, the orphaned sisters make a pact upon their mother’s death that they both will never go above and separate. However, after Rio gets water flicked, Bay decides that she wants to go to The Above. (Miss Christina: …and gets dirt flicked; this is incredible!)

Rio deals with her abandonment by stowing away on an Atlantia morgue chamber table that washes away dead bodies which rise to The Above. Aunt Marie, an Atlantia pariah, tells the counsel that her niece, Rio, was trying to escape and reunite with her sister. When Rio’s true identity is discovered, a whole bunch of murders suddenly happened.

I feel like every book I read now has mass murder, which made me want to throw the book across my room!!! Initially, I liked Atlantia, but after writing this post, I realized there were too many things happening at once. (Miss Christina: Like, why do Rio and Bay have an Aunt with a lame name like Marie.) I do not recommend this book because they traveled around on river gondolas… underwater, they had non-functional metal trees with falling metal leaves that miraculously no one gets hurt by and underwater bats. A book this ridiculous should be immersed in water and forgotten like the city of Atlantis so that no one will ever be tempted to read it.

Teen Book Board – Canceled Due to Snow – PART II

Teamnate_Angry_Cupcake_by_Two_PlayersTEEN BOOK BOARD 2/2/15 CANCELED 

I know I keep promising you guys cupcakes but the weather gods aren’t having it. We are canceling again and by no means attempt to come to the library. Yes, I have had teens walk to the library during a snow day. Yes, it was because I am that amazing. Enjoy your day off and re-watch the superbowl’s halftime show and cheer on #leftshark, the true winner of the super bowl.

Go, left shark! Go, left shark!

we cancel again

Ayla gets a TV show!

I remember being with a friend’s mother at the West Hartford Public Library the summer before my Freshman year with summer reading list in hand. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to read and it was just a list of titles. Mrs. Stone said to me, “You know what, Christina? This one was my favorite!” I am so grateful for her recommendation because it was the first time I was totally consumed by a book. When I managed to put the book down at night, I still didn’t get any sleep because I wondered what would happen next. I even dreamt about the main character; she was a strong, outspoken teen who didn’t fit in for glaringly obvious reasons but demanded to be treated with dignity anyhow.

The book was, Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel.

Unlike what most people believe today, we are the species Homo Sapien Sapien. At one point our species lived amongst the species Neanderthals, often referred to as cavemen. A toddler girl named, Ayla was of Homo Sapien Sapien and was orphaned after a natural disaster. A Neanderthal tribe found her wandering in the woods and adopted her. As she grows older, it becomes abundantly clear that her physical and intellectual abilities are not only far superior to those around her but it is also the markings that her kind is downfall of their own.

Daryl Hannah made a disastrous movie version in the 80’s. The unique form of communication in the book was turned into grunting and hand waving. It didn’t help that the book became a series with extra saucy romance excerpts that nicknamed body parts (totally veering off-course thematically). I can tell you that I was thoroughly traumatized reading the sequential titles and realized that Ayla went from my own feminist icon to a lonely woman having an awakening. I still practically toss a book to the other side of the room when the romantic content gets too high.

I’m sorry; I just treated this blog like a therapy session. The reason why I am writing about this book, after years of repression, is because Lifetime is turning it into a TV series! There is no known release date but I obviously will need to read the book again and I will be squealing at every scene. It’s been a great time for nostalgia,

with the TLC tv-movie Crazy Sexy Cool,


the Peter Pan live event,


The Save by the Bell Story tv-movie,


and the incredible Brittany Murphy biopic! Alicia Silverstone’s hair! WHY!!!!!??? AMAZING.


Let’s hope that the book gets the live-action treatment it deserves or that is will be spectacularly disastrous for optimal gifs and memes.

Free eBooks for Teens

I’m really loving this website I signed myself up for it today. They list free ebooks and the site can tailor its recommendations just for you. Here are the Teen books that caught my eye. I’m a total nerd, so I threw in some 90’s references here and there.  Click on the cover to get to the site for a free download.

The island by jen minkman

I found this one intriguing because it reminds me of a really old 90’s Australian teen show called “The Tribe”.  Anyone over the age of 14 dies from a virus. The future of the human race is relying upon hormone crazed adolescents. I loved it because it was so realistic, I’m talking pregnant teens and the whole nine yards. I have no idea how this book will measure up but I’m certainly curious.
THE ISLAND by Jen Minkman

On one side of the Island’s great wall, children must abandon their parents and fend for themselves. Leia is used to it — but she’s always been curious about what lies beyond her world’s boundary. Then she meets him…

$1.99 Free!

Category: Teen & Young Adult

SHADOW OF TIME: PART 1 by Jen Minkman

When do dreams erupt into reality? After Hannah meets handsome Josh from the Navajo reservation, she experiences disturbingly vivid nightmares about the Navajo nation’s past — a riveting tale blending romance and suspense.

$2.99 Free!

Category: Teen & Young Adult

ENTANGLED by Nikki Jefford

Two months after dying, Gray wakes up in her twin’s body. Trapped every other day as Charlene, Gray tries to impersonate her snobby sister, and only Raj McKenna notices the difference. Can they save Gray, or will she fade altogether?

$0.99 Free!

Category: Teen & Young Adult

LAND by Theresa Shaver

When a mysterious pulse disables everything electronic, teens on a Disneyland-bound class trip must find their own way home. Perfect for fans of Revolution, this epic novel has over 140 five-star reviews on Amazon.

$0.99 Free!

Category: Teen & Young Adult

GALDONI by Cheree Alsop

After being rescued from death, the winged gladiator Kale has the chance to live — and love — as a human. But when his people are threatened, can he use what he’s learned to save the Galdoni?

$0.99 Free!

Category: Teen & Young Adult

Facebook – Book Club

Mark Zuckerberg has provided me with a pleasant surprise this morning; he is going to start a Facebook Book Club. He likens it to a worldwide reading challenge. The Facebook page, A Year of Books, will have Facebook users commenting on a featured book chosen every two weeks. In another stroke of genius, Zuckerberg will have the comments moderated to keeping people “on topic”. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt like an open discussion has suddenly turned into therapy hour, dogged proclamations of why the current president is destroying America, or a fight for the title of, America’s Next Top Racist.

With that worry off my plate, I began investing in my next concern, the theme. The book club will learn “about different cultures, beliefs, histories and technologies”. The good intentions of learning about another culture tend to transform into something ugly and offensive, like a slum tour during Christmas. However, I’m very impressed with the choice of book, The End of Power by Moises Naim. The summary is as follows; Drawing on provocative, original research, Naim shows how the anti establishment drive of micro powers can topple tyrants, dislodge monopolies, and open remarkable new opportunities, but it can also lead to chaos and paralysis.


This book is introducing the concept that has kept me on my toes as a Teen Librarian for years. Its a concept that I learned as soon as I graduated high school and something I think the smartest dogs understand; power is an illusion. We give people power, we allow people’s authority over us. I have found the only way to keep the peace in a teen section and appealing to teens is to treat this concept with the utmost respect.

I truly appreciate Zuckerberg’s choice and I’m looking forward to the next title he’ll announce. I think this book club could be my jam.

The Most Ridiculous Book I’ve Ever Read – Review – GUEST BLOG POST

 OUR GUEST BLOGGER: Christina is in 10th Grade at Cornerstone.

Anna Dressed in Blood MemeI recently read Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake, and I don’t know if I set my expectations too high (if I did it’s because of Miss Christina) or what but this was one of the worst books I have ever read.  It took me four months to read this book, which is crazy because I can usually read a book in a day. How long it took me to read this was absolutely ridiculous. The book is about a teenage boy, whose name I don’t even remember because it was not worth remembering, who kills ghosts with his magical knife that he got from his dead father, whom we know nothing about.

The first thing that threw me off is; how did the knife become magical, why would you think to use it if you didn’t know its history, and how does it kill something that’s already dead?!?  But I put all of that aside (Miss Christina: this is commonly called suspension of belief) and kept reading the book hoping that it did not get any crazier. But it did. (Yes, in case you were wondering, the teenage boy’s whole life is moving around with his mom looking for ghosts to kill.)  And the boy (Miss Christina: Alright, it’s time to give “the boy” a name! The main character is named Cas.) goes all over town looking for information about the current ghost that he wants to kill with his magical knife. Worst of all, Cas starts falling in love with a ghost, named Anna, that kills people. Originally Cas wanted to hunt and kill her with his magical knife (Miss Christina: But now he is all “heart hands” and kiss emojis). WHAT?!? How do you fall in love with a 60 year old ghost, the concept is just crazy, it’s ludicrous, and I think it’s just all over the place!  This book felt like a mash up of Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion (another book that I hated) and Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (Miss Christina: Another horribly written book!), but instead of zombies/ vampires/ werewolves,  it’s forbidden love between a ghost and the living.

Anna Dressed in Blood is becoming a movie that Stephenie Meyer is producing but after reading the book, I’m sure that I don’t want to see it. Over all, this book was well written and if it was not for all the weirdness that happens in the plot, it might have been good.  This story left me with A LOT of questions that never got answered, but might be answered in the second book …which I am not reading. When I started Anna Dressed in Blood I was told it was a horror, but the only “gruesome” part was in the first chapter where you learn about the teenage boys magical knife, then past that there was a bunch of unnecessary killing and attacking of random people by random people. So, before you go out and read Anna Dressed in Blood, just stop right there and then don’t, because it’s not worth it.

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