Why Mortal Instruments the movie FAILED – GUEST BLOG POST

OUR GUEST BLOGGER: Isabella is a Freshman at Wethersfield.

The Mortal Instruments is no doubt one of the best series that I have ever read. I have read all six books in the series, from City of Bones to City of Heavenly Fire. I love everything about the series; it’s one of those books that you don’t ever want to put down and makes you want to finish one more chapter before you turn out the lights. These are the kind of books that make you excited to read.

Cassandra Clare first got the idea of The Mortal Instruments when her friend was talking about the history of tattoos. Her idea stemmed from myths that tattoos bring power to the person who is marked. In the book, there are runes/tattoos which determine what power a half-angel and half-human will receive to protect the world against demons.

The way that Clare writes is incredible. She writes with such passion to the point where you are reading the story and you feel like you are placed into the story and you can feel every emotion that each character goes through. The main characters are Clary, Jace, Simon, Isabelle, Alec, and Magnus all deal with sorrow and heartbreak. Not only are you learning about each character in every series, but you get sucked into a world that is unique and get to experience what they go through. The books are an escape from your normal life allowing you travel into the world of Clare’s characters. I think that is a huge accomplishment for a writer to get an emotional response from a reader.

When I had first heard that The City of Bones, the first book in the series, was being made into a movie, it was all I could talk about. I think at one point my dad got annoyed because I was talking about it so much. I was waiting to see my fantasy put on the big screen and see if the ideas I had in my head would become a reality. Having every paragraph memorized I couldn’t wait to see it put on film. The day the movie was finally released, I had told my dad that we HAD to see it! I NEEDED to see it. When we had sat in our seats I had the biggest grin on my face, smiling from ear to ear.

As the movie began, that smile slowly faded. It was not how I imagined it to be. It had let me down. All the actors were great such as Lily Collins (daughter of Phil Collins, thanks dad!), Jamie Campbell Bower, Robert Sheehan, and Kevin Zegers. They played the characters well gave the sarcasm and attitude that I had read in the book, but some deliveries in the lines were not what I had imagined.  The story line moved a little too fast for my liking, everything happened at a nice pace in the book. Unfortunately, the director had speed up the plot. On behalf of all Mortal Instrument fans, we were all quiet disappointed with the outcome of the movie. If I were the director of The City of Bones, it would have been a whole lot different than what that director had put on the screen seen by millions.

Mortal Instruments and Office Space

I mean don’t get me wrong, I still love the series that got me to finally enjoy reading. But my hopes for how the movie would be, were every different than what I had paid $12.00 to see. I still want the second book in the series, The City of Ashes to become a movie, but I think all staff members working on that film should read the books a few times before they decide to cut out parts that many fans love. It was a mistake when the director cut out the true way all of the characters meet; they even changed Clary from killing a demon to Jace making Clary’s powerful, strong character into a damsel in distress.  I even read that when the directors found out the reaction of Mortal Instruments fans, they are analyzing what they did wrong so they don’t make that mistake with the second film. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy watching The City of Bones, I just think that they could have done it better.

If they make another mistake like that, I think I might just stick to the books and let my imagination make the movie that I wanted to see.

It’s official! I’m no longer concussed.

In celebration of surviving my concussion, I have a compilation of the following survival books in our teen collection.


Hunger Games Series, Collins – Hunger Games (1), Catching Fire (2), Mocking Jay (3)

Unwind Series, Shusterman – UnWind (1), UnStrung (1.5 Kindle only), UnHolly (2), UnSouled (3), UnDivided (4)

The Salt Trilogy, Gee – Salt (1), Gool (2), The Limping Man (3)


The Fifth Wave Series, Yancey – The Fifth Wave (1), The Infinite Sea (2), TBD (3)

Insignia Series, Kincaid- Insignia (1), Allies (1.5), Vortex (2), Catalyst (3)

The Ascendance Trilogy, Nielson

Divergent Series, Roth- Four: A Divergent Story Collection [The Transfer (.1), The Initiate (.2), The Son (.3), Four Traitor (.4)], Divergent (1), Free Four(1.5), Insurgent (2), The World of Divergent (2.5), Allegiant (3)

The Book Thief, Markus

Never Fall Down, McCormick

Enders Game, Card

Code Name Verity, Wein

The Iron Fey Series, Kagawa- The Lost Prince (1), The First Kiss (1.25),  The Iron Traitor (2), The Iron Queen (3), Summer’s Crossing (3.5), Ashes Letter to Mechan (3.6), The Iron Knight (4), The Iron Fey Valentine (4.4)

A Long Walk to Water, Park


Naruto, Kishimoto

Epic, Kostick

Throne of Glass Novels, Maas- Assassin’s Blade [The Assassin and the Pirate Lord (.1), The Assassin and the Healer (.2), The Assassin and the Desert (.3), The Assassin and the Underworld (.4), The Assassin and the Empire (.5)], Throne of Glass (1), Crown of Midnight (2), Heir of Fire (3)


The Raft, Bodeen

All the Truth that’s in Me, Berry

The Compound Series, Bodeen- The Compound (1), The Fallout (2)

Safekeeping, Hesse

Quarantine Series, Thomas – Quarantine (1), The Saints (2), The Burnouts (3)

No Safety in Numbers Series, Lorentz- No Safety in Numbers (1), No Easy Way Out (3), No Dawn Without Darkness (3)

Desert Angel, Price

The Rules of Survival, Werlin

Danger Zone Series, Gilman- The Devil’s Breath (1), Ice Claw (2), Blood Sun (3)

The High Sea Adventures Series, Lawrence- The Wreckers (1), The Smugglers (2), The Buccaneers (3)


Monument 14 Series, Laybourne- Dress Your Marines in White (.5), Monument 14 (1), Jake and the Other Girl (1.5), Sky on Fire (2), What Mario Scietto Says (2.5), Savage Drift (3)

Nation, Pratchett


My Chemical Garden – Wither (1), Fever (2), Sever (3)

Storm, Napoli

Outlaw, Davies

Black Ice, Fitzpatrick

Marbury Lens Series, Smith- The Marbury Lens (1), King of Marbury (1.5), Passenger (2)

Trouble in the Hills, Becker

The White Darkness, McCaughrean


The Enemy Series, Higson – The Enemy (1), The Dead, (2), The Fear (3), The Sacrifice (4), The Fallen (5), The Hunted (6), The End (7)

Ashes Trilogy – Ashes (1), Shadows (2), Monsters (3)

Benny Imura Series – First Night Memories (.5), Rot & Ruin (1),  In the Land of the Dead (1.5), Dust & Decay (2), Dead & Gone (2.5), Flesh & Bone (3.5), Fire & Ash (4)

Wicked Lovely, Marr – Wicked Lovely (1), Ink Exchange (2), Stopping Time (2.5), Old Habits (2.6), Fragile Eternity (3), Radiant Shadows (4), Darkest Mercury (5)

Blue Bloods Series, de La Cruz – Blue Bloods (1), Masquerade (2), Revelations (3), The Van Alen Legacy (4), Keys to the Repository (4.5), Misguided Angel (5), Bloody Valentine (5.5), Lost in Time (6), Gates of Paradise (7)

The End Games, Martin

This is Not a Test Series, Summers – This is not a Test (1), Please Remain Calm (2)

In the After Series, Lunetta- In the After (1), In The End (2)

Can you survive a Zombie Apocalypse? , Brallier


Darkness Rising Series, Armstrong – The Gathering (1), The Calling (2), The Rising (3)

Beyonce’s Beyonce – Review- GUEST BLOG POST

 OUR GUEST BLOGGER: Alexia is a Freshman at Northwest.
Beyoncé is one of the hottest artists out right now and has since the beginning. She has a lot of confidence and a positive message to spread. She is mighty, powerful and many people look up to her. She has a loud and strong word. Whenever she says something it has a strong impact on many people’s lives.

Her fans call her Queen Bey and we’re all a part of her Bey- hive, which is what all the fans call themselves and what she calls them.

Her newest album called Beyoncé came out on December 13, 2013. It was a big surprise and everyone woke up super excited that she let out a whole album the night before! It had 14 songs and 16 videos, totalling over 30 things to love on this album (plus two bonus tracks). Some of the top hit songs were Drunk in Love ft. her husband, Jay z, XO, Mine ft. Drake, and Partition, they were very catchy and more up tuned songs. Others were Flawless, and Pretty Hurts, those were slower but still very good and held strong messages. A lot of her songs had strong influence for people to have confidence in themselves.

Beyoncé just recently let out a video called 7/11 and everyone is talking about it and everyone loves the song and the video.  Another song she is letting out soon and released a preview to is called Ring Off,  (Miss Christina: Lots of gossip about this song. Especially with the whole Jay-Z / Solange awfulness) which is also very popular and everyone is excited to hear the full song.

Overall, I love Beyoncé the album and she is one of my favorite artists and she is very inspirational! Her album was fantastic and she continues to amaze everyone with her talent! I can’t wait to hear her newest songs.

Iron Fey Series – Julie Kagawa Review – GUEST BLOG POST

 OUR GUEST BLOGGER: Annabelle is an 8th grader at King Philip Middle. 

Iron Fey Series

“The Iron Fey” is a fantasy book series by Julie Kagawa consisting of seven books and two novellas. In this novel a sixteen year old named, Meghan Chase. Meghan uncovers that she is the daughter of the King of the Summer Fey, Oberon. During this time Meghan faces many struggles with trying to balance her two worlds.  With a battle between the mysterious Iron Realm and the two Faery courts approaching, Meghan must make sacrifices in order to save her loved ones. Things get even more complicated when Meghan falls in a forbidden love with the prince of the Unseelie Court. The love buds just as the two courts are pitted against each other. “The Iron Fey” series is both fast paced and action packed. Readers will be unable to put down books one through four, but may lose interest by “The Lost Prince”.

The main reason readers may grow annoyed with “The Iron Fey” is because of the change in perspective. Books one through two has the perspective of Meghan, and in book three the perspective was that of Ash, the prince of the Unseelie court. Book four  has yet another change in perspective to that of Meghan’s younger brother, Ethan Chase. This change of perspective grows old after the first page because the adventures of Meghan and Ash were so exhilarating that when a new character narrates, readers find it harder to accept. But in the book’s defense, the bias was unavoidable since the first two main characters are so lovable!  The majority of the characters are realistic and believable but the plot is too simple and with gaps. There were times in the series where one may wish Meghan Chase did not always need rescuing from male saviors. However, there is a gradual change in Meghan’s strength of power towards the end of the series. Eventually she is able to rescue herself. Overall “The Iron Fey” should be rated three out of five stars because although readers become immediately hooked until book four, they will grow bored with the series and gradually lose interest. I would recommend this book series for people who love romance, action, and an easy read.

Taylor Swift Over the Years – Review – Guest Blogger

 OUR GUEST BLOGGER: Christina is in 10th Grade at Cornerstone. 

Taylor Swift, one of the most popular artists in the music industry, has come out with another album called 1989 (Taylor Swift’s birth year). The album was released on October 28, 2014.

This new CD showcases Taylor’s full change in genre from country to pop, a change creeping into her album’s song by song since her start in 2004. Her first album in 2006, self titled Taylor Swift, was all country containing the hit songs Tear Drops on My Guitar and Our Song.  Two years later, Taylor released Fearless which barely had any country music. The exception was the song Fifteen and a couple of other unmemorable titles that were not popular.  The pop songs on Fearless were You Belong With MeLove Story and Fearless. Since these songs were more pop than country and chart topping hits, Taylor decided that is the way she should go.

Taylor’s next album released in 2010, Speak Now, was again a mix of country sounding pop songs. Titles like MeanMine, and Sparks Fly were country only, and surprising everyone when she came out with her next album Red.

Red was released only two years ago and is my personal favorite. This album, to me, was almost all pop and had a lot of hit singles. Hit titles were I Knew You Were Trouble22We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, and State of Grace (Miss Christina: OMG don’t forget All Too Well !!!).  This album had a lot of collaborations with other artists, in the song, Everything Has Changed, Ed Sheeran sings with Taylor and it sounds AMAZING!! (Miss Christina: I sing Ed Sheeran’s part when I’m in the car. LOVE IT!)

Although I have not fully listened to 1989, I can tell that it is a pop-focused album, especially when I heard the single Shake It Off.

From her many breakups to her five houses/condos/penthouses (Miss Christina: Including her beach house in Rhode Island), Taylor Swift is doing something right.  As to what genre she is, I think she is is her own mix of pop and country. That has always been Taylor, and probably always will be. Compared to Carrie Underwood and Blake Shelton, their music styles and their image, some say Taylor has changed to pop suddenly. Their reasoning is that Taylor did if for the money, but I think it was her plan and what she thought her fans would like. Whatever she is doing, she is amazing and successful and people love her. (Miss Christina: Jessica Simpson and Katy Perry used country/christian as their stepping stone into pop too! Taylor just did it best. LOVE HER.).

Miss Christina: TAYLOR WAS IN NORTH HAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Head Hitting


If you came to visit me this week you might have noticed that I was not at work. It was due to “head hitting”. Well, that’s what I called it immediately after I knocked myself out on the corner of a cabinet. It was very, Kim from Real Housewives.

RHOBH Kim Falls

Anyhow, there still is one more Teen Book Board Meeting on Monday, November 24 at 6:30 PM

In the meantime, I am NOT 100%. But I still have a lot of heart, I’m just a slower version of myself.


Special Effects Makeup Part II – with Kyle Pasciutti (featured in the Hartford Courant)


Prosser Teen’s favorite Kyle Pasciutti of Decimated Designs returned! Kyle changed up his workshop by focusing more on classic designs: Horned Demon, Zombie, Skeleton

We were going to do scary clown buy a patron was distraught at the mention of it so we steered clear. Patrons created their own peeling skin and boils made from gelatin.

As always, Kyle was a pleasure. I have added two videos of him explaining his makeup technique with a slideshow of the event. I hope we invite Kyle back for Part III.

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Diversity in Comics and Young Adult Literature – Teen Book Board Edition

These Teen Book Board Members blew me away with their insightful observations. I gave a summary of their points below. The Board Members listened to an NPR segment about Diversity in Comics and shared their thoughts. I also included a hilarious and incredibly inciteful YouTube video about the problem with comic books that Board Member Josh M. contributed.  The video below is about the comic industry using publicity stunts (race) to seem like its being cutting edge but it is really all about sales.


Keith: I didn’t think the Miles Morales, Ultimate Spiderman, would sell because when a classic is tweaked people don’t enjoy the change so they don’t buy it. But because it was a mixed kid people wanted to buy it even though the other changes weren’t any better.

Justin: Why would they make changes if they have only been targeting the people already reading it, the white readers?

Annabelle: It doesn’t make sense that it was geared towards the white male, not all white males like comic books.

Alexia: It shouldn’t even matter what race is reading it. It should all be equal.

Josh: It doesn’t surprise me because I already knew this, the whole black Spiderman, female Thor. I think it’s a big publicity stunt but only a little move forward socially. It reminds me of Metroid when they realized the character after taking off the space suit was a woman. Suddenly everyone wanted to buy it because of that.

Julien: It’s like Josh said, I already knew. I was thinking how much Miles Morales changed the industry. It changed the comics to TV series; the characters have been changed from white in the comics to non-white on TV.

Miss Christina: How can there be a diverse main character in Children’s/Teen books without tokenizing the character?

Christina: There is Liar by Justine Larbalestier, in the book there is a main character that is black with a storyline that could apply to any race. Boy 21 is also a book with a non-white character.

Josh: Most of these writers are just using their own experiences to write about. Most of these writers are white, so the books have white main characters.

Miss Christina: Why are most writers white?

Christina: This generation, the black generation wasn’t asked do you want to be a writer. There was a study about politicians where each male politician was asked at one point if he wanted to be a politician and none of the female politicians were ever asked. Maybe there is a generation that hasn’t been asked, do you want to be a writer?

The following video has all curse words bleeped (listen with caution):